Bulletin 3

Event Information

Attention! The 5th stage of our competition has been replaced by the 6th stage. Please check the programme for the possible important changes before the event days.

Welcome to the 14th of "Istanbul 5 Days". The competitions will be held between 31 October – 5 November 2017. The forests in two sides of the city, one of the Prince’s Islands, including the legendary Grand Bazaar, will be hosting to our extremely joyful and highly competitive events. For those willing to have a weekful of orienteering event with 6 stages in 5 days, there will be additional training possibilites upon request.




Organization Committee

Event Director

Güven Solmaz


Event Coordinator

Alen Gavar


Technical (IT) Director

Berkay Kılıçoğlu




Organizing Club

The competition will be organized by IOG

(Istanbul Orienteering Sports Club)



Jury Members

Peo Bengtsson (SWE)

Aleks Kalenderoğlu (TUR)

Yavuz Kurtuluş Anıl (TUR)


Event Programme


14:00  Arrivals & Registration


10:00  Long Distance, Geyik Çiftliği, Belgrad Forest


11:00  Middle Distance, Reşadiye Mesire Yeri, Çekmeköy


11:00  Island-O, Sprint, Burgazada, Prince's Islands

22:00  Night-O, Supersprint with Labyrinth, Grand Bazaar, Çemberlitaş


11:00  Sprint, Istanbul Technical University Ayazağa Campus, Maslak


10:00  Middle Distance, Davutpaşa Korusu, Belgrad Forest, Kemerburgaz


Event Center


Hobyar Mah. Hamidiye Cad. No:16 Sirkeci, İstanbul  [ 41.015918, 28.973995 ]


How to get to the Event Center?

The Event Center is in the very heart of the city, on the ancient peninsula, very near to the historical and touristic places.

You can use the subway from Atatürk Airport and/or Bus Station to Aksaray and take the tram to Sirkeci via Sultanahmet. From Sirkeci Station you can easily go to the Event Center by foot. The Eminönü Pier and Galata Bridge are also very near to the Event Center.


Event Center Working Hours


14:00 – 21:00


17:00 – 21:00


18:00 - 21:00


18:00 - 20:00


17:00 - 21:00


- Closed -

Services at the Event Center

Registration and competition materials, information on event stages, transport, start lists and results, official tshirt, maps, souvenirs, SI card and compass sales, SI card hiring. Please remember that payments can be made in cash.


Event Sites

1     Long, Geyik Çiftliği, Belgrad Forest

2     Middle, Reşadiye Mesire Yeri, Çekmeköy

3     Sprint, Island-O, Burgazada, Prince's Islands

4     Supersprint Night-O, Grand Bazaar, Çemberlitaş

5     Sprint, ITU Campus Ayazağa, Maslak

6     Middle, Davutpaşa Korusu, Belgrad Ormanı, Kemerburgaz

ec      Event Center

IST     Atatürk Airport

SAW  Sabiha Gökçen Airport



Online registration from our website is now closed for we are in the competition week.

However, you may take a chance for daily entry at the event sites only for open categories. Please note that, daily and late entries will be subject to map and start time availability.


Categories (Classes)


All Fees

W: Women

M: Men

Year Born


Type of Fee

Daily Entries

at Event Days



- 2007




2006 – 2005




2004 – 2003


Children Classes Entry

10 - 14 ( M/W )

€ 40 (6 stages total)

  € 8 (daily)



2002 – 2001




2000 - 1999


W20A / B

M20A / B

1998 – 1997


Other Classes Entry

16 + ( M/W )

€ 90 (6 stages total)

€ 18 (daily)





W21A / B

M21A / B





- 1982


Electronic Control (SI)
Card Hiring

€ 25 (6 stages total)

  € 5 (daily)



- 1977




- 1972




- 1967


Transport to Event Sites

(Round Trip)

(Incl. Site Entry Fees)*

€ 75 (5 stages total)

€ 16 (daily)



- 1962




- 1957




- 1952




- 1947


All Changes
Category / SI / Start Time

€ 3



- 1942




- 1937


W open S / L

M open S / L






Course Lengths and Number of Controls



All transportation arranged by the organization are at the service of the participants who already paid the transport fees. May we remind that, those coming by own transport vehicles should pay the site entry fees by themselves. You may have the information on all transportation and event sites entry fees from the Event Center.

For the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th Stages

Paid transport will be by buses arranged by the organization. Bus departure (and arrival) point in Sultanahmet is next to Hagia Sophia [ 41.007905, 28.978155 ], please check before.

For Stage 3

Paid transport will be by boat arranged by the organization. Boat departure (and arrival) point is Turyol Pier at Eminönü next to Galata Bridge [ 41.0195561,28.9665565 ], please check before.

For Stage 4

There will be no bus transport. You can take the tram line to Çemberlitaş for Grand Bazaar Stage which is very near to the accommodation sites in the ancient peninsula.










8:00 - 8:30

30 km

1’ 15 h

Geyik Çiftliği, Belgrad Forest



8:00 - 8:30

50 km

1’ 45 h

Reşadiye Mesire Yeri, Çekmeköy



8:45 *

15 km

1’ 15 h

Burgazada, The Prince's Islands (by boat)



8:30 - 9:00

20 km

1’ 15 h

İTÜ Campus Ayazağa, Maslak



8:00 – 8:30

30 km

1’ 00 h

Davutpaşa Korusu, Belgrad Forest, Kemerburgaz

(*) You are required to be ready at the pier at least 15 min earlier than the departure. If you have missed the boat don't panic! There are still chances to go to Burgazada. The cityline ferry departing at 10:10 from Eminönü Pier can take you to Burgazada at about 11:15.


Time Control System (Electronic Punching)

The Sportident electronic timing and punching system will be used. If you have your own SI card you may use it, otherwise you have to hire one when getting your number bib.

All SI card models can be used except for SI5. Airplus touchfree system is not activated in SI stations, therefore you should punch directly.

You must return the hired card back to the organizer after your last stage. If you loose it then you have to pay an additional €40.-

Remember that you cannot borrow or lend your SI card from/to another competitor who has run another stage with that card during the week.


Start Zone and Finish Zone

Start Zone Procedures

Attention! The daylight saving time is not applied in Turkey, therefore keep checking the local time and start times for not being late for start and transport as well.

At the competition arena there will be time displays on both assembly and pre-start areas. Therefore all the competitors should be ready at the start zone at least 5 mins earlier than their start time. The competitors should keep silent in all the start procedures.

At the pre-start of each stage the competitor should clear his/her SI card. At -3 mins line competitors will be checked on SI and bib numbers according to the time display, therefore it is not allowed to start without an SI card and bib number. Control descriptions are printed on the maps and will also be available at -2 mins line. All maps are in plastic bags.

There will be no start stations at our competitions. Related IOF rules will apply. Competitors who are late for their start time through their own fault should report themselves and shall be permitted to start but the organiser will determine at which time they may start, considering the possible influence on other competitors. They shall be timed as if they had started at their original start time.

Finish Line Procedures

All competitors should come to the finish even they dropped out. They should punch one of the SI units at the finish and visit the computer desk for SI read out for taking the printed out split times. Those not coming to the finish line and the computer desk will be a missing competitor. The competitors are expected to finish before the max course time declared by the organization.

There will be a solution desk for disqualification and mispunch situations at the finish.

Water for refreshment at finish will be ready for all competitors.

Results & Prizes

Overall results will be according to the rankings of the 5 stages except for Grand Bazaar stage. The Grand Bazaar stage will be a separate race with own prize giving ceremony. Prize giving ceremony for overall standings will be held on the last day. All winners will receive medals and some souvenirs from our sponsors.


Arena & Catering

At the event arenas local facilities may serve food&beverage. There will be first aid facilities and public toilets on the arenas but no showers. Next to the information there will be a luggage tent with a lost&found desk where you may leave your backpackings between your start and finish. Shopping tents for sports and orienteering will be available on the arena.

Note that, open fire and/or smoking are prohibited in all competition arenas.


Weather Forecast

The weather forecast is as follows, but don’t forget that weather conditions in Istanbul is changable.

31.10.2017 Tue

1.11.2017 Wed

2.11.2017 Thu

3.11.2017 Fri

4.11.2017 Sat

5.11.2017 Sun

Partly cloudy


Partly cloudy




Partly cloudy


Partly cloudy




(*) Whatever the city temperature is, it is always cold in the forest in the morning. Therefore choose your clothes according to the weather condition.


Preliminary Technical Information

Event Sites & Terrain

Stage 1  (1.11.2017 - 10:00)  Max. course time: 200 min
Long Distance, Geyik Çiftliği, Belgrad Forest  [
41.1881820, 28.9608622 ]

This area offers a runnable but hilly terrain with bowl-type valleys, lots of gullies, many depressions, streams alongside the forest roads, small streams at the deep gullies and fallen trees. Difference of height at one slope can be up to 120m. In some places thorny undergrowth may slow down the pace. It is basically a beech forest but with some pine areas on the upper parts as well. Dangerous places: Asphalt road with minor traffic, steep slopes, strong thorny bushes, small streams at the bottom of the deep gullies and several numbers of pits remained after local treasure hunting should be watched out.

Map: Scale 1 / 10 000, contour interval 5m, map-size A3/A4
Mapmaker: Orest Kotylo, Bogdan Stramyk, Roman Stramyk, Victor Dyachkov

Update: Osman Filiz (October 2017)

Course Planner: Victor Dyachkov, Tatiana Kalenderoğlu


Stage 2  (2.11.2017 - 11:00)  Max. course time: 150 min
Middle Distance, Reşadiye Mesire Yeri, Çekmeköy  [
41.065917, 29.239036 ]

This area offers a very green terrain with lots of small valleys alongside the major ones. There are parts of vegetation from slow running to impassable green, but also many footpaths and tracks for route choices. Thick and dense forest is the basic character of the map. There are small streams at the bottom of the deep gullies. Difference of height at one slope can be up to 80m. Slippery slopes and thorny bushes might be dangerous. This is a beech forest, with some areas of pine forest. There are some areas with very dense vegetation and thorny bushes, runnablity within those areas is very slow. Dangerous places: Watch out the open areas with bee hives!

Map: Scale 1 / 10 000, contour interval 5m, map-size A4
Mapmaker: Aleksandr Efimenko (May 2017)

Course Planner: Tatiana Kalenderoğlu, Victor Dyachkov


Stage 3  (3.11.2017 - 11:00)  Max. course time: 90 min
Sprint Island-O, Burgazada, Prince's Islands  [
40.880334, 29.069804 ]

Our info place will be next to the pier. There are cafes and shoppping possibilities at urban part of the island, close to the piers. A good and joyful choice for sprint orienteering on the island which feels like a citta slow. It may be slippery on rain because of the steep streets. Difference of height at one slope can be up to 60m. Private motor vehicle traffic is forbidden on the island, but still you are intersecting many asphalt roads, therefore you should be careful with the horse carriages (phaetons) and the public vehicles.

Map: Scale 1 / 5 000, contour interval 2.5m, map-size A4
Mapmaker: Aret Arapoğlu, Osman Filiz (September 2017)

Course Planner: Tatiana Kalenderoğlu, Victor Dyachkov


Stage 4  (3.11.2017 - 22:00)  Max. course time: 50 min
Supersprint Night-O, Grand Bazaar, Çemberlitaş  [
41.010053, 28.969430 ]

The Grand Bazaar offers a short and very fast orienteering within a net of small streets, crossing each other by different angles. Technically reminding ski-o: High speed, high concentration. The most difficult part is “multilevel” orienteering for groups 14+, which requires climbing stairs. Open areas might be slippery on rain. Due to the historical ground, no orienteering or spiked/stud shoes are allowed. Don’t forget to bring your headlamps!

Map: Scale 1 / 1 500, contours none

Mapmaker: Direnç Azaz, Stas Zolotareov, Victor Dyachkov

Update: Alen Gavar (May 2017)

Course Planner: Tatiana Kalenderoğlu


Stage 5  (4.11.2017 - 11:00)  Max. course time: 90 min
Sprint, Istanbul Technical University Campus Ayazağa, Maslak  [
41.104205, 29.023044 ]

The university campus area offers a fast Campus-O with some parts in pine forest, an amazing lake view and not very high slopes. Massive buildings and other campus facilities enables a continuous run. Dangerous places: There is a low-speed car traffic in the campus and impassable walls.

Map: Scale 1 / 5 000, contour interval 2.5 m, map-size A4

Mapmaker: Victor Dyachkov

Update: Aret Arapoğlu (October 2017)

Course Planner: Wolfgang Pötsch, Tatiana Kalenderoğlu


Stage 6  (5.11.2017 - 10:00)  Max. course time: 150 min
Middle Distance, Davutpaşa Korusu, Belgrad Forest, Kemerburgaz  [
41.167240, 28.909194 ]

This area offers a very runnable terrain with bowl-type valleys and open areas, with lots of gullies, many small depressions, streams at the bottom of the gullies and pits. There are many footpaths and forest roads crossing eachother. Basically a beech forest with some pine areas on the northeast parts as well. Eventhough there are some undergrowth, it does not effect runnability. Difference of height at one slope can be up to 100 m. Dangerous places: Watch out the open areas with bee hives!

Map: Scale 1 / 10 000, contour interval 5 m, map-size A4

Mapmaker: Victor Dyachkov (October 2017)

Course Planner: Wolfgang Pötsch, Victor Dyachkov, Tatiana Kalenderoğlu