Bulletin 3

We welcome you to the 17th Istanbul 5 Days, will be held between 01 – 05 November 2023. The terrains, special sites of the city and the legendary Grand Bazaar will be hosting our extremely joyful and highly competitive events for those willing to enjoy a week full of orienteering with 5 stages in 5 days.

Organizer Club & Organizing Committee

Organizer Club İstanbul Orienteering Spor Kulübü (IOG)
Event Director Güven Solmaz
Race Director Tatiana Kalenderoğlu
Event Coordinator Furkan Topal
Technical (IT) Director Zeynep Abalı
Official e-mail info@ist5days.com

Event Programme

31.10.2023 Tuesday Arrivals, Registration & Model Event, Event Center
01.11.2023 Wednesday Middle Distance, Belgrad Forest, Binbaşı Çeşmesi
02.11.2023 Thursday Long Distance,Belgrad Forest, Fatih Çeşmesi
03.11.2023 Friday Sprint, Prince Islands, Kınalıada (WRE)
04.11.2023 Saturday Middle Distance, Gebze/Mudarlı (WRE)
05.11.2023 Sunday Supersprint, Grand Bazaar/Fatih
* WRE - World Ranking Event


Class* Year Born Class* Year Born
W/M 10 NaN- W/M 35 -NaN
W/M 12 NaN-NaN W/M 40 -NaN
W/M 14 NaN-NaN W/M 45 -NaN
W/M 16 NaN-NaN W/M 50 -NaN
W/M 18 NaN-NaN W/M 55 -NaN
W/M 20 NaN-NaN W/M 60 -NaN
W/M 21A - W/M 65 -NaN
W/M 21B - W/M 70+ -NaN
W/M 21E -
* W: Women / M: Men

Entries & Payment

Entries will be closed on October 27th 2023 at 18:30. After the late entry dates, it may be possible to register daily at the event sites, but these entries will be subject to map and start time availability. Therefore those missing the late entries may not be guaranteed participation in their requested classes.
Payments shall be done online with credit card. For early and normal registrations, the date of online payment with credit card will be considered as registration date. If you do not have the possibility to pay with credit card, please send us an e-mail at info@ist5days.com and let us know, so that we can give you additional information on exceptional payment methods. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us after the payment is approved.

All Fees

Type of Fee
*Late Registration Period
Entries Per Stage 23€
Grand Bazaar 33€
All Stages 100€
Children aged 10 and under Free of Charge*
Children from 11 to 14 40% discount*
Discounted Countries** 20% discount*
Transport *** Per Stage (1,2 ve 4) 15€
SI Chip Rental Per Stage 3€
SI Chip Fee If Lost 50€
Changes Free of Charge

*In 21E categories, a 5€ difference will be applied for each WRE stages.

* Discounts are valid only for entry fees.
** Discounted Countries : Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine
*** The bus will depart from Yenikapı

Time Control System (Electronic Punching)

The Sportident electronic timing and punching system will be used.
May we remind you:

  • If you have your own SI card you may use it, otherwise you have to rent one when getting your bib number.
  • You have to return the rented SI card back to the organizer after your last stage.
  • The SI card rental fees are given above, in the “All Fees” table.
  • If you lose or don’t return it, you have to pay an additional 50€.

Results & Prizes

Overall results will be according to the rankings of the first 4 stages.
The prize-giving ceremony will be separate for each WRE stages.
The medal ceremony will be held in the stage 4 arena.
Grand Bazaar stage will be a separate race.
All winners will receive medals and souvenirs from our sponsors.


  • Amiral Palas Hotel
    Adress: Bayram Firini Sok. Cankurtaran Mah. No: 3 Sultanahmet / İstanbul
    A limited number of rooms are available.
    Single Double Triple
    Room and Breakfast 110€ 130€ 130€
Please inform us to reservation. info@ist5days.com

Transportation to Event Sites

  • There is a bus transportation to the competition areas for stages 1, 2 and 4.
    The bus will depart from Yenikapı. location : 41.005963, 28.953189
    Fee per Stage 15€.

    Bus departures time
    • Stage 1 : Departure: 08.00  Return: Ask to the info
    • Stage 2 : Departure: 07.00  Return: Ask to the info
    • Stage 4 : Departure: 08.00  Return: After the medal ceremony
    * Participant who will not use the bus on the return should inform the team.

    For transportation requests, please send an e-mail. info@ist5days.com
  • For the stage 3, you can check the Kınalıada ferry times.
  • For the stage 5, transportation options are available by metro and tram.
    Please be aware that the roads will be closed for the Istanbul marathon on the same day. It's advisable to use public transportation instead of your own vehicle.
    Competitors who want to use the M2-Metro line can reach the Grand Bazaar by walking 17 minutes (1.2k) after getting off at "Vezneciler (Istanbul University)" station.
    Competitors who want to use the T1-Tram line can reach the Grand Bazaar by walking 4 minutes (300m) after getting off at the "Çemberlitaş" station.

Event Center

IOG Club House [ 41.181918, 28.989226 ]
Bahçeköy Merkez Mah. Valide Sultan Cad. 28A 34473 Sarıyer, Istanbul
The event center will only be open between 14.00-18.00 on 31.10.2023.
On other days, when you encounter a problem, you can stop by the info tent or send a message to info@ist5days.com.

How to get to the Event Center?

You can use bus transport to the Event Center. Take 42M from Zincirlikuyu to Bahçeköy or 42T from Taksim to Bahçeköy. From Bahçeköy bus stop [41.180161, 28.989909], walk about 300 m to the Event Center towards the Belgrad Forest Entrance direction. Or you can take the M2 metro line to Hacıosman, to the last station on this route. Just on the street level there are bus stops [41.139816, 29.030720]. You'll take the 42HM from Hacıosman to Bahçeköy.
You can find all the information about bus lines on www.iett.gov.tr

Preliminary Technical Information
Terrain & Map

Model Event | 31.10.2023 | Belgrad Forest, Valide Bendi – Arrivals and Registration
The event center and Model event will only be open between 14.00-18.00 on 31.10.2023.

IOG Club House : 41.181918, 28.989226
Stage 1 | 01.11.2023 | Belgrad Forest, Binbaşı Çeşmesi - Middle Distance
Sample Map The terrain has many knolls and erosion gulleys, unlike Belgrad Forest. Runnability and visibility are high however, some bushes reduce the speed in places.

Arena coordinates : 41.165392, 28.933005

First Start: 11.00
Scale: 1/7.500 Contour interval: 5m
Course Planner: Güven Solmaz
Mapping: Georgi Hadzhimitev, Viktor Dyachkov
Update: Georgi Hadzhimitev - Eylül 2023

Winning time: 35 mins
Maximum running time: 120 mins

İmportant information
The assembly area has a car park, cafe, toilet and fountain facilities.
Entrance fee is charged for those arriving by car.
The distance to the START is 300m.
Stage 2 | 02.11.2023 | Belgrad Forest, Fatih Çeşmesi - Long Distance
Sample Map The terrain consists of steep valleys and dense vegetation. Runnability and visibility are good.

Arena coordinates : 41.169132, 28.944860

First Start: 10.00
Scale: 1/10.000 Contour interval: 5m
Course Planner: Mücahit Özkaya
Mapping: Viktor Dyachkov
Update: Georgi Hadzhimitev - Eylül 2023

Winning time: 80 mins
Maximum running time: 180 mins

İmportant information
The assembly area has a car park, toilet and fountain facilities.
Entrance fee is charged for those arriving by car.
The distance to the START is 200m.
Glasses of water will be available at water points.
We kindly request athletes not to throw their rubbish in the forest.
Stage 3 | 03.11.2023 | Prince Islands, Kınalıada(New Map) – Sprint
Sample Map WRE and NEW MAP!
The terrain is very steep. It mostly consists of streets. Vehicle traffic is very low. It is recommended to wear running shoes. There will be artificial barrier to make route choices. Closed areas will be made by drawing a strip on the ground and will be controlled by the referees.

- Athletes who will run 21E to get WRE points, they also need to register via eventor.

Arena coordinates : 40.905214, 29.055717

First Start: 11.00
Scale: 1/4.000 Contour interval: 2.5m
Course Planner: Hami Emircan Aydın
Mapping: Aret Arapoğlu - 2023

Winning time: 13 mins
Maximum running time: 80 mins

İmportant information
There is no toilet in the assembly area. The distance between the assembly area and the toilet is 400m.
The distance to the START is 600m and 60m climb.
The final contol (s) will be inside the artificial maze. Athletes are not allowed to jump over the maze walls.

Sample courses Sample courses
Stage 4 | 04.11.2023 | Gebze / Mudarlı - Middle Distance
Sample Map WRE
The JWOC 2021 was held on this terrain.
Some areas show detailed contours and have a lots of rocky features. It is a broadleaf forest consisting of oak and hornbeam trees. The ground is often covered with undergrowth. The forest has every kind of vegetation. Runnability ranges from normal to good, in some areas runnability is reduced because of vegetation and rocky ground. Visibility is partly poor and good because of dense vegetation.

- Athletes who will run 21E to get WRE points, they also need to register via eventor.

Arena coordinates : 41.005649, 29.560590

First Start: 11.00
Scale: 1/10.000 Contour interval: 5m
Course Planner: Furkan Topal
Mapping: Georgi Hadzhimitev - 2019
Update: Georgi Hadzhimitev - Eylül 2023
Winning time: 35 mins
Maximum running time: 120 mins
Start 1: Other categories
Start 2: M/W Open - M/W 10 – M/W 12 – M/W 14

İmportant information
There is no toilet in the assembly area. The distance between the assembly area and the toilet is 1 km.
Athletes should pay attention to vehicle traffic on the way to the start.
The distance to the START 1 is 1400 metres.
The distance to the START 2 is 300 metres.
Some categories will have arena passage as shown below.
Stage 5 | 05.11.2023 | Grand Bazaar – Supersprint
Sample Map We recommend you take your head lamp with you
The Grand Bazaar offers a short and very fast orienteering within a net of small streets. It needs high speed and concentration. The most difficult part is “multilevel” orienteering which often requires climbing stairs. The open areas might be slippery if it rains.
Due to historical ground, no orienteering or spiked/stud shoes are allowed!

Arena coordinates : 41.009750, 28.969441

First Start: 10.00
Scale: 1/1.500 Contour interval: -
Course Planner: Tatiana Kalenderoğlu
Mapping: Direnç Azaz (2001)
Update: Aret Arapoğlu - September 2022
Winning time: 10-12 mins
Maximum running time: 60 mins

İmportant information
There is toilet in the assembly area.
Open and 10/12 age categories will start from different corridors.

Distance & Courses

Category Stage 1 Middle Stage 2 Long Stage 3 Sprint Stage 4 Middle Grand Bazaar Category
LengthControlsClimb LengthControlsClimb LengthControlsClimb LengthControlsClimb Length
M/W Open1,759753,4591001,06851,2850Grand Bazaar course lengths are between 1 to 2,5 km according to optimal routes chosen.M/W Open
M/W 101,036501,866351,11950,8525M/W 10
M/W 121,147602,288601,36951640M/W 12

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